StoryShaping is the nexus of ideas, strategy and execution.  It’s more than simply strategy, it’s communicating in a way that people will execute on – whether that’s carrying out an initiative or buying a product or service.  Shaping a powerful story puts people into action – that’s what we are talking about here.  It’s in-the-trenches, emotionally connected, with a constant curiosity of what stimulus will illicit a certain reaction.  It’s ever–changing, behavior-based and results-oriented.

Our approach starts with the mapping of an envisioned possibility to desired results, and understanding the dynamics of what will ensure success and what will stand in the way.  Then, it’s about architecting the story to account for the twists and turns, to yield optimum results.

How do you get to results faster?  Believe it or not, a strong story gets your audience, your employees or your frame of mind “there” faster than any other method.  A strong story moves people toward the defined goal – and the best stories have them thinking it was their idea to begin with.  That’s why the best stories are much more than communicated information, they create meaning and compel action.

The business results you’ll see:

  • Employees become advocates – engagement increases, as does communication and collaboration
  • Shortened time to market  – initiatives get executed faster and better
  • Customer demand and satisfaction increase
  • Innovation ramps up
We provide a fresh perspective on Story – both shaping and telling of it.  
The approach is scalable to what you need, and it includes:
  1. Shaping your idea so others can understand and own it too.
  2. Shaping your story with a main narrative, plotlines and sub-narratives that people can follow and act on.
  3. Shaping your execution so that you can monitor, measure and adapt to achieve results you can count on.
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