Leadership Coaching

Effectively “stepping into” new responsibilities or a promotion.

Achieving goals with more results, less stress.

Greater individual or team performance.

Break through barriers to realize potential.

These are some of the reasons clients turn to Shoshin Group for coaching.  Leadership coaching is about helping leaders achieve goals – they know where they want to go, a coach becomes an ally and resource in getting there.

Coaching can help leaders at all levels address these issues and improve organizational and personal performance. Through our coaching services, leaders engage in a dynamic partnership that builds clarity and yields dividends in both one’s personal and professional lives.

Our guiding premise:  All individuals are inherently capable of achieving more and the greatest leverage for change is identifying and deploying strengths.

Shoshin Group provides the following coaching services:

  • Strength-based leadership assessments
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Executive team development
  • Leadership development

We have help many executive leaders:

  • Ease the stress of organizational transition
  • Strengthen communication and coordination abilities
  • Build leadership capability
  • Identify strengths, assess weaknesses, and bring an honest and frank perspective to one’s performances and abilities

Through coaching, we work in partnership with leaders to build confidence, decisiveness, and leadership not through a prescriptive philosophy but through a strong relationship.

Shoshin Group offers paths to leadership mastery through various venues that include both leadership coaching and training:

  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Group/Team Coaching
  • Real World Roundtables For Leaders:  Small Business Group, Management Group, Non-Profit Organization Group
  • Leader Skill Development (various topics)
  • Communication Skill Development (DISC, communication styles, active listening and discovery)
  • Account Management/Client Services leadership

For more information on any of these topics, contact us.