Get Your Story Straight With StoryShaping

Results depend on it. You need people to understand and own the goal. You need them to know what to do to get there. You need the organization to deliver results you can count on. StoryShaping helps you shape your success. StoryShaping is the nexus of ideas, strategy and execution.  It’s more than simply strategy, it’s communicating in a way that people will execute on – whether that’s carrying out an initiative or buying a product or service.  Shaping a powerful story puts people into action – that’s what we are talking about here.  It’s in-the-trenches, emotionally...

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Shape Your Ideas So Others Take Ownership

Ideas can be in the form of  a vision, product, project or initiative.  Nothing interrupts success more than lack of engagement and follow-through.  StoryShaping helps your ideas connect with impact. If your idea is different from the status quo – which most ideas are – then you are talking about introducing change to your team and ultimately to your customers. That introduces a behavior dynamic you have to take into account.  If there is one constant in the world, it is change.  However, if there is one constant in people – each person handles it...

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Shape Your Story For Action.

Story translates the idea to actionable strategy, which drives meaningful execution.  StoryShaping is navigation for your organization to follow – a master narrative, plot lines and sub-narratives that achieve your desired results.  In her book Resonate, Nancy Duarte, talks about effective story lines drawing a comparison between “what is” and “what’s possible”. In shaping your story, we use “story mapping” with your team which delves deeper into following areas: The landscape in which you are writing your story – the marketplace, the...

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